Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can it be??

It seems impossible that one year ago today, we met our little man (on the outside). Since then, our lives have changed so dramatically for the better. He has truly made all things new, and for each day we have him in our lives, my song of thanks and praise raises to the Heavens. He is truly God's child, and our gift.

Calan, One.

The joy that is you,
A joy that permeates, envelopes.

You make us better.

Greeting us with that huge toothy grin every morning,
A loud, "Hiiiiii!!!" resounds,
Followed by a bounce or two that echo,
"I'm so ready to start this day!"

Curiouser and curiouser,
Nothing flits past those diligent blue-green eyes,
Wider and wider they open,
In excitement about what could be around...
That corner... that wall... those doors...

As you befriend your squeaky alligator,
Or tip your hat to the Snowman sitting on the floor.
Always smiling...

As we turn our heads, and wonder where you've gone,
The music you've selected plays and the head bopping commences,
Or the wheels of your "ride" brush across the floor,
Followed by a smile and applause, for yourself.
Yeah, you're pretty awesome.

We love how every mirror demands a stop,
You giggle at yourself, as if you have never met anyone so funny,
And you stare as if you have never seen anything so awe-inspiring,
We stare we really have never seen anything so awe-inspiring.

As you raise your arms,
And tersely demand, "Uuup!"
We can't help but smile,
As these are precious times,
Times we will only get to cherish now.

Your arm reaches out and stiffens,
And your pointer finger extends,
Pointing to this, then that, oh yes, and the next,
You take it all in, ever present in each moment.

And even in those times,
When oatmeal is more in your hair than in your mouth,
Or all the laundry is unfolded the second it is released,
When cries of frustration at not getting what you want abound,
Yes, even in those times, does our love for you grow.

You are a gift,
The greatest gift we could have ever received,
One, at times, we don't feel worthy of,
Yet, one in which we will never waver in wanting...
You are ours,
And are one.
An amazing year...
The best.


Crunchy Mama said...
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Crunchy Mama said...

Kristen, you're great. You will treasure writing and documenting these words for years and years. Calan, what else could be said? You're a superstar.

Kristen said...

Awww thanks, mama!! So excited to see you guys soon!