Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Ninja saved my life...

It must have been about 3AM when my life took one of the more profound and incredible turns it has taken it quite some time. Yes, at 3AM, while sitting on my couch, feeding a very hungry then 2 month old, I was first introduced to a device that would soon change my life.

I cannot say that I have much of a history with infomercials. This is not due to their ungodly air time, ridiculous, yet enticing claims, unappealing pitchmen, or their particularly aggravating scripted, this is because, and I am not proud, I am an easy sell. Yes...I totally looked up the Shake Weight reviews, own an Ab Blaster, and love me my Oxyclean. To be fair, all of these products have been either gifts or introduced to me via some other medium than infomercial, but upon hearing their claims...I would have so bought them had they been "As seen on TV."

Thus, my introduction to the infomercial began when Cal was born. Cal didn't have much to say there for awhile, and thus, I was left with no other choice than paid programming for late night company. And that was where I saw it...slicing and dicing those tomatoes like Leonardo rocking his katana while making dinner for the other turtle boys. I thought to myself, "Homemade salsa, yes, but what else can this magic machine do??" And my heart began to pound...Blend, dice, chop, mince, did it all!

Must. Own. Ninja.

And ask and you shall my wonderful husband had finally had enough of my ramblings about this brilliant and ingenious device that he caved. In came the Ninja, and from that point on, my kitchen was never the same.

I am sure that those of you still reading are questioning..."Really, a whole blogpost devoted to this heavenly and inspiring little food machine toward which I too find myself inexplicably drawn?" My reply, "Yes...and here's why."

We had crabcakes with mango salsa the other night. Salsa? Ninja...3 minutes.

Stuffed bell peppers that called for diced onions and mushrooms. Ninja...1 minute.

Morning blueberry, banana, and orange juice smoothie. Ninja.

Pina Colada...Margarita....Daiquiri...Ninja...Ninja...Ninja.

Oh yes, and some neurotic woman in charge of my kid's dietary needs insists that he eats all organically with homemade purees. Possible? Yep....the Ninja made me do it.

If you are in the market for a blender, food processor, baby food maker, miracle's all about the Ninja. It truly makes mincing magical.

***As a side note: We used the Ninja for every last bit of Cal's baby food. It was fun, fast, and easy. The #1 complaint I heard from friends about making their own food was that it took too much time. However, we just boiled veggies or blended fruits, added a bit of water, and within seconds had the perfect puree. It was so much cheaper than store-bought foods...and we were able to make it in bulk, pour into ice cube trays, freeze it and use for later. Once he was eating more, we pored it into empty baby food jars, froze and defrosted as necessary. It was such a Godsend...and I am so thankful we found it!

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