Friday, July 8, 2011


It is amazing how intangible our God can seem when we choose for Him to remain at arm's length...yet, even more amazing how tangibly He makes Himself known to us. Not only in the breaking of the bread, but in those small, quiet moments the heart only knows.

Last night I cried. Tears of joy...not sadness. Tears that said with each drop, "How do I not love You more, know You more?" As each drop ran down my face, I could not help but understand, even for just a second, the infinite nature of His Love. His Heart knows no bounds, and neither do ours, if we let them.

In faced with choosing God, trusting His Divine plan...I tend to lean a little bit on the skeptical side. Do not get me wrong, I love our God immensely, but I also seem to love fear, anxiety, and doubt. And although I know He is so Good, my vice is so much more tangible, so much more real...and yet He knows. He sees right through me...He knows that this is the exact moment, He created this exact moment, in which tears will well in my eyes. Uncontrollable tears letting me know that He is near, He is Good, and He is all I need...I am not worthy, but into His plan go I.

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