Thursday, March 24, 2011

She is my Bill Simmons

My husband, periodically, okay hourly, reads me some sort of uproariously funny quip or anecdote from Bill Simmon's blog, Twitter, latest article, etc. This sports journalistic obsession equates to a serious and reputably, large, man crush. About which, I am fine...really. To love another sports writer is to see the face of God, right?  I may not be as intrinsically amusing as his sports writer hero, but I can hold my own when stepping up to the humor plate. It may not always be a home-run, but I'd like to think I have a fairly high batting average.

That said, as much as I enjoy these daily weekly hourly privies into Bill Simmon's mind, I have long awaited my own piece of internet writing genius, the likes of which I can forward to him and say, "Seriously? Did you read My Bill Simmons' latest? I cried." I have longed to hear the sound of my laughter reverberating from my laptop corner of our L-shaped couch, my husband's inquisitive eyes glancing my way as if to say, "What's so funny?" Ahhhh...I reply. Just something My Bill Simmons wrote...he/she's too much.

Yes, I have longed for a writer whose contents not only relate to my passions (as reading some chestnut of current sporting satire that only those who live and breathe sports would understand, is not at the top of my "Things That Make My World Go Round List" list). Yet, I don't only want to relate to content, but dammit, I want to laugh. I want to find a writer that not only informs my conscience, but does so... irreverently? Now, this may seem like a tall order, and I recognize that. But, nothing is impossible with God...and He totally took my plight to heart (as I am sure He wasn't too locked into other crises or disasters. Yes, He willed me to discover my very own Bill Simmons). Well, perhaps, a more pertinent descriptor: God helps those who help themselves. And help myself I did. To seconds.

Hello....Simcha Fischer: She is My Bill Simmons. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. I may just be one of the later additions to the Simcha family, but gosh, I am so glad I invited myself. Seriously, read it...and share with me a quiet laugh and your own husband's inquisitive glance.

Simcha contributes to Inside Catholic and Faith & Family Live!, and blogs at I Have to Sit Down.

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